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Orlando Vacations - Tips and Tricks

Orlando vacations are expensive. That is a fact. When you add up the airfare, the hotel, the car rental, the theme park admissions, it's enough to make a person give up and say 'we can't afford it'. However, Orlando vacations are doable. Orlando vacations can be yours, on a budget. It is possible.

There are some things about Orlando vacations that are not negotiable. This would be theme park admission. Well, that is generally true but not always. Let's look at the tips and tricks of Orlando vacations on a budget.

Theme Parks

Did you know that you could get a deal on theme parks? Most people do not know that and resign themselves to paying full price at the gate. There are packages online where the theme parks grouped by locations and for one price the tourist can get admission for multiple days to any of a number of theme parks. This is great is you have a large party and people want to split up. These type of package deals are offered by many different entities. One if the online travel sites. Also travel agencies offer such deals. Also, if you are a AAA member they have summer deals for the Orlando theme parks. If you have traveled into Florida VIA vehicle you have seen the signs along the interstates advertising deals for multiple parks. These are worth checking out because they know tourists have come to spend money on Orlando vacations and they want to be the first to capture your money.


When it comes to traveling to your destination for Orlando vacations it is typical for tourists to fly. The popularity of Orlando vacations has made Orlando a hot spot for tourists. This adds some competition and this is usually good for the consumer.

When it comes to air travel there are some basic rules that need to be followed. These are the basics to saving money. If you do your planning and Internet searching you might be surprised at how much you can save on travel. Also, while on those site, keep an eye out for ads for the theme park packages.

Here are the tips for air travel:

  1. Book your flight well in advance. There are only so many inexpensive seats on each flight.

  2. Do not travel at high peak times of the year. That would be holidays.

  3. Do not travel on weekends if at all possible. The best days to fly are Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

  4. Consider early morning or late night flights. This can give you a significant savings.

  5. Consider nearby airports. Consider other airports for departure. Remember to factor in the additional cost of fuel to drive to the other airport.


There are some fabulous hotels to be had for Orlando vacations. There are even timeshares that are located on Disney. If you have a timeshare and can trade weeks or points you might be able to get your Orlando vacations at pennies on the dollar with a little planning.

The Internet can give you some significant savings on nightly rates for Orlando vacations. The Internet price is typically much cheaper than the walk in price. However, it is advisable to call and ask their price.

Consider hotels that are not right near or on the Disney properties. These could give you a significant savings. When planning Orlando vacations many people try to get as close to Disney as possible. However, with a few miles travel there could be a significant amount of savings. Orlando vacations are quite competitive. You might even consider calling and asking for a special rate since they are a distance from Disney.

Car Rental

You will most definitely need a car. Even if you hotel has a shuttle to Disney, Orlando vacations are not just about Disney. There are other things to see and places to go while in the area. Unless you budget does not warrant a car rental it is advisable. However, to save costs for your Orlando vacations you might want to consider, if your hotel has a shuttle to Disney, and that is your main focus, you might want to consider renting a car for just a day here or there when you might want to drive outside the Orlando area. That is a viable option.

With careful planning your Orlando vacations can be memorable for all the right reasons. It can be a fun time in the fun capital of the world, Orlando, Florida.

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